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  • Funders Assembly and Orientation (April 9): Following an EDGE members lunch, funders convened at 2pm for a series of orientation, framing and community building exercises followed by a reception, which provided a “sense of place,” to explore specific local and national contexts and ground the work of movements and funders in Brazil.

  • Funder/Civil Society ‘Encontro’ (April 10): Funders and civil society partners came together for a day-long series of consultations to learn about and delve deeply into renewal approaches and the development of systemic alternatives, in ways that increase understanding, inspire new insights, and can move the funder community towards greater commitments and action.

  • Funders Assembly on Building Towards a Philanthropy for Systemic Change (April 11-12): Funders convened with a smaller number of partners from the Symposium for a day-long series of focused discussions aimed at lifting up values and philanthropic tools, strategies and initiatives (those that exist and others that are needed) that can collectively contribute to the types of struggles, strategies and organizing referenced during the Encontro. A closing breakfast plenary on April 12 allowed us to summarize conference outcomes and, plan further collaborations among funders and movements representatives. 

  • Dine Arounds (April 9 and 11): Registered funders organized dinner conversations to discuss and advance efforts around a funder initiative or within a working group. This year DineArounds were organized at our main venue during evening meals, and involved the large majority of conference participants. 

  • Pre Conference Events
    Grassroots International organised a delegation to meet with Brazilian partners in the days before the main gathering.