Maria Amalia Souza, Founder & Senior Advisor, CASA Socio-Environmental Fund, Brazil, Conference Co-Chair

Maria Amália Souza is dedicated to designing systemic strategies that assure philanthropic resources reach the most excluded and vulnerable grassroots communities. 

Jovanna García Soto, Solidarity Program Officer for Latin America, Grassroots International, USA, Conference Co-Chair 

Jovanna with social movements in the Global South to create a just and sustainable world by advancing the human rights to land, water, and food, building solidarity across organizations and movements. 

Amalia Fischer, Executive Director and Co-Funder, Elas Social Investment Fund, Brazil

Cristi Nozawa, Executive Director, Samdhana Institute, Philippines

Martin Modlinger, Director, Renewable Freedom Foundation, Germany

Stigmata Tenga, Executive Director, Africa Philanthropy Network, Tanzania

Ellen Dorsey, Executive Director (with support from Matt Annunziato) Wallace Global Fund, USA

Tanya Dawkins, Trustee, CarEth Foundation, USA

Graciela Hopstein, Executive Coordinator, Philanthropy Network for Social Justice, Brazil

Tin Gazivoda, Senior Program Officer, Open Society Initiative for Europe, Spain

Graciela Selaimen, Senior Program Officer, Ford Foundation, Brazil

Valeria Scorza, National Coordinator, Fundación Avina, Colombia

Ledys Sanjuan, Senior Advocacy Officer, FRIDA, Colombia